There are some common reasons business owners search out looking for copywriting services. Do you identify with any of these?

  • You love talking about your business but can’t find the right words when you’re sitting in front of the keyboard
  • You find that no matter how many times you rewrite your messaging it never sounds quite right
  • You have an endless list of projects that need your attention and composing clever sentences and paragraphs simply isn’t the best use of your time

Don’t Worry You’re Not Alone, Seriously!

I’ve met and had the pleasure of working with plenty of smart, talented people with heaps of accomplishments, but they recognize that copywriting just isn’t their thing.

That’s where I come in. Whether you need content for your website, a sales letter that makes your phone ring, or a press release that tells the world about your amazing product, I’ll compose copy that gets the job done so you don’t have to worry about a thing anymore.

Copywriting Services

Since 2013 I’ve been honing my direct response and advertising copywriting skills for the betterment of others all across my home of the Greater Toronto Area. I focus on helping my clients find new customers at a profit with copywriting services.

Although my clients refer to my expertise, I must modestly admit that I will always see myself as a student of copywriting. I just love copywriting so much, and to me, each project I get to work on is another experience to deepen my knowledge of writing persuasive copy that moves prospects to take action and increase sales. Below are some of the most popular copywriting services I provide.

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Your website is often the first impression potential customers get about your business. Sure, maybe someone found you on Facebook or Instagram and they’ve linked back to you site…

but this is your first opportunity to show them your own branded slice of cyberspace!

It’s important for you to tell your unique story that others can gravitate towards. You need to make sure to tell your company’s story in a way that’s both relatable and enticing so that visitors return and continue to keep up with you.

While at the same time, you can’t forget to make sure you have an action you want people to take. Wether it’s requesting a quote, a booking, call or purchase you need to know what you want people to do on your website. Good website copywriting should get peoples attention and direct them where they need to go.


Landing Pages

Slash through the noise of Internet clutter with focused content that targets a specific audience and promotes one particular product, service or application.

A successfully written landing page can make or break an advertisement.

More important than the design; you have to get the copy right in order for your targeted audience to take action.

With a trusted and professional expert copywriter on your side you set yourself up for success.


Sales Letters

Reach out to your audience with a well-crafted sales letter that articulates your product’s benefits and compels the reader to take action. Whether you need a printed sales letter for a direct mail campaign or a sales letter in the form of an email, I’ve got you covered.



Charismatic content that engages your subscribers will build your authority and keep you at the forefront of your customer’s mind. Just like sales letters, they can be in print form or digital like an email newsletter.

Some business owners like to crank out content on a weekly basis. Sometimes its a weekly blog or videos, but using an email  newsletter to drive traffic to these pieces of content on a weekly basis is a great way to keep your audience constantly engaged with you.

Utilizing newsletters as a part of the copywriting services for your marketing efforts is also a smart investment.


SEO Articles

Get your website onto page 1 of Google for your main keywords. I won’t lie, earning authority in the search engines takes a lot of work but it’s the best free advertising you’ll ever have. If you do it right and do it long enough, you’ll see your website’s traffic surge, which will increase the quality of your leads.