Make an Everlasting Impact on Your Audience with a Newsletter

Businesses throughout Toronto have been hiring me as a freelance newsletter copywriter. And it’s for good reason, as company newsletters have always been a valuable marketing tool.

A useful newsletter is an engaging yet subtle sales technique for building loyalty with customers.

Nowadays, with tools like MailChimp, where it’s free up to your first 2000 subscribers, many companies and business owners have taken up email newsletters.

Over the last several years, email newsletters along with email marketing strategies in general, have helped my clients attract new leads and increase sales.

From copywriting to design and development, check out my email marketing work.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers

One of the single best reasons to send out email newsletters is that it keeps your company or brand on the mind of your audience. A freelance newsletter copywriter can help you:

  • Introduce your company to new prospects
  • Maintain contact with your current customers
  • Build your brand
  • Promote new products, services or special offers
  • Position your company as the authority on a certain subject
  • Capture names and contact information of people who visit your website

Quality Content is King

Have you ever heard someone say, “content is king”?

It’s mostly true but I think it’s even more true to say “quality content is king”.

So, what kind of content is appropriate for an email newsletter?

Anything that will be of interest or value to your subscribers. That can include data about industry trends, updates from conferences or other events, customer success stories, project case studies, plans for your own company, information about new products, helpful tips, links to relevant websites and online resources, etc.

Part of creating quality content requires writing the email newsletter in an interesting way, usually by adopting a conversational tone. Don’t be afraid to show some personality or inject a little humour.

Behind-the-scenes stories can help your customers get to know you and feel privileged to be part of your tribe.

Use eye-catching headlines.

Photos help break up the text and captions are one of the first things people always read.

Just remember, what’s most important is that your newsletter provides useful information. While you can include a subtle sales pitch, it must be balanced with factual stories to keep your readers engaged.

A Freelance Newsletter Copywriter Can Attract Potential Customers

Over the years I’ve learned the key tactic to succeeding with newsletters is to always be consistent.

If you plan on creating a weekly email newsletter with the intention of sharing it every Thursday before 2pm, then you HAVE to stick to it every week. You can’t let the newsletter go out late. Ever.

If you’re going to do a monthly newsletter and send it out every second Sunday of the month, then you have to do it every second Sunday.

The reason for this is that over time you’ll be building up your subscriber base, and if your content actually is good and useful, you’ll notice that people will eagerly anticipate the release of your next newsletter.

If you’re using an email marketing software tool you’ll see your open rate sky rocket right when you first release your broadcast and it should taper off a few hours later.

The reason for this is simple psychology. In the same way people line up outside a store in advance of the release of a new video game from suspense, you want there to be just as much suspense and anticipation for your newsletter.

And what’s the best way to ensure your business can consistently send out a newsletter to your customers? You guessed it: hire a freelance newsletter copywriter!

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