A High Ranking on Google Equals Leads for Your Business

The online world has become a crowded and competitive place. The spoils go to the companies that rank highest on Google. Most searchers look at first page results, and the higher on that first page, the better.

High ranking on page 1 for your main keywords generates heaps of free traffic to your website, which translates into leads and sales. A ranking on page 2 or worse means that you’d better have an alternative way of getting people to your website and finding new customers.

Think about your own search habits. How often to do go past page 1 to find what you’re seeking? And if you go past page 1, do you ever go past page 2? Rarely, if ever, right?

So if you want to succeed in getting visitors to your website, you need to get top ranking. Unfortunately, your competitors know this too, so they’re actively working to stay ahead of you and everyone else in the search game.

The Best SEO Strategy

If you do any research on SEO, you’ll find many different strategies for how to succeed at SEO and get ranked high. Keyword-rich content, well-written meta-tags, and good-quality inbound links are the most widely accepted and ethical strategies.

A word to the wise: stay away from black-hat techniques that employ sneaky tricks designed to fool Google. Those only work in the short-term if at all and, if you get caught, Google will penalize your site, sending it to virtual Siberia in the search results.

Put Visitors First

One of the best ways to rank high on Google is to focus on pleasing your website visitors.  Quality sites that Google loves do the following:

  • Answer the questions visitors are likely to have
  • Provide the solutions visitors seek
  • Ensure all information is relevant to the site
  • Organize the information so it’s easy to navigate
  • Update and add to the site regularly

Remember, Google’s objective is to give searchers the most relevant, current and informative sites in its results.  If your site does the best job of meeting those criteria, you’ll be rewarded with good ranking.

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