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I’ve been reflecting on how strange it is that I’ve seemed to attract more media coverage ever since I put a deposit down on a pre-construction unit in the Playgorund condos project at Garrison Point in west downtown Toronto.

The other day I got quoted in a CBC news article, “Major construction on Fort York pedestrian bridge gets underway“, after being approached by a reporter while walking home.

This is after I spoke about the first-time home buyer experience in a podcast and was mentioned in social posts previously.

It wasn’t my intension to bring more attention to myself necessarily, I was just doing my own thing.

It’s got me wondering if some part of success is just buying expensive things and being recognized for it. 😛

Oddly enough, it feels like somewhere along the way I managed to stumble into my own seo PR strategy.

The cool thing is it basically gives me more links to share without having to take the time to make my own original content.

I can essentially just curate the content other people have created about me.

And this all got me thinking about how one builds a personal brand over the course of a career.

Some thoughts on SEO PR Strategy

Maybe I think about things differently than other people, but for me, I think of myself as both a person and a business. It’s as if I’m a commodity but I’m desperately trying to make myself stand out among all the other people doing cool stuff on the internet, or just in life in general.

Trying to work out your own seo pr strategy is probably most similar to trying to build a personal brand.

I always struggle balancing my time with client work and then my own projects. In some ways the client work is the service side of my business/persona. While at the same time my own personal projects are like the creative endeavours of my own self-expression. I know I’m most happiest (or at least feel fulfilled) when I’ve got things on-the-go for both those two sides of the same coin.

However, when I spend too much time dedicated to client work, that’s when I start to feel like I’m falling out of touch with my own brand and my professional identity.

Every time that happens I have to re-focus and I find asking myself these questions help me get back on track:

  • Why am I doing what I’m doing?
  • What do I define as valuable, what do my clients define as valuable?
  • How do I become an expert?
  • What can I do to build local renown?

Some thoughts on Earned Media as an SEO PR Strategy

The cool thing about having other people create content, where you are the topic of that content, is that it helps with your own link building. From a business perspective there are 3 types of media: paid media, owned media and earned media.

Let me give quick definitions of each.

Paid media is messaging that you pay to have broadcasted. This would include the likes of advertising.

Owned media is messaging that you create and own yourself. You know, writing your own blog posts, making your own podcasts or videos etc.

Earned media is when other organizations create messaging about you. It’s the most difficult media to acquire for a business because it requires that the things you do to be inherently newsworthy enough that other people want to talk about it. It’s because of this fact that it’s the most valuable media. Some examples who be a TV appearance or presenting a keynote speech at an event. The fact that you’re being invited to take part in a conversation positions you as a thought leader.

Which is probably something we all know we want to do over the course of our careers.

If you have any of your own thoughts or ideas about link building, personal branding, earned media etc. feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on my contact page.

In case you were wondering what media I was actually covered in, I’ll embed some of the stuff below.

CBC News Quote:

cbc news quote john cerpnjak

Social Posts:

IN OUR FIRST OFFICIAL INSTALMENT, OUR “ROCK STAR OF THE WEEK” IS: JOHN CERPNJAK As seen in the picture above John is working his way towards one of his goals right across the street! He put a deposit down on a 800k condo! The building is in it’s early stages and is expected to finish in 2020, while the first 5% down payment is due in just 2 weeks! With a Quote from university that has shaped his perspective on life to this day, John lives life on his terms by being busy with work! His goals are to have his work’s reputation to proceed him, to get to a place where he no longer needs to apply for jobs or ask people for work, but rather that those opportunities come his way… to have more opportunities than he can even handle! From the team here at Rock star, we hope that all the best befalls you, and that like you said, opportunities don’t hide from you. Life is an ever long struggle, and there will always be a pathway that you haven’t been down. We can tell you ourselves that failure is nothing new to us, it is the biggest learning opportunity that you can come into. We hope you take your mistakes, and ultimately turn them into something which can push you closer to your goal. WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU’LL GET THERE! If you’re interested in being featured on our page, and sharing your story and goals to help others understand that living life on your terms is something we can all achieve, send your submissions to SUBMISSIONS@ROCKSTARINNERCIRCLE.COM

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