Did you hear? Last night at 8pm the longest running US television series aired it’s final episode. The series Supernatural came to its inevitable conclusion, which was poignant and ultimately bittersweet. It was definitely a long time coming since the series ran for 15 seasons, starting all the way in October 2005. Additionally, the airing of […]

The Dirty Nil Toronto Phoenix Concert Theatre

It was just 2 weeks ago, I was tuning the radio and among the hissings and hums, I heard a ripper of a guitar solo followed up by a ginormous shrill wail! I instantly thought to myself, “what is this??!” followed by the sudden realization that I needed to hear more. Skip ahead a little […]

real estate lead generation websites

I’m excited to follow up with all of you on my previous post about real estate lead generation, because today I’m taking a deeper look into some real estate lead generation websites I’ve worked on over the past year. Some of the work I have to show you is from as far back as January […]

seo pr strategy

I’ve been reflecting on how strange it is that I’ve seemed to attract more media coverage ever since I put a deposit down on a pre-construction unit in the Playgorund condos project at Garrison Point in west downtown Toronto. The other day I got quoted in a CBC news article, “Major construction on Fort York pedestrian […]

I recently had a client ask me if we should switch to a different WordPress SEO plugin. They had come across a comment on social media where someone through the recommendation of Perry Belcher had switched from using the Yoast plugin to SEOProcessor. For those of you who don’t know, Perry Belcher is actually kind […]

gradient background

Beyonce had it wrong. Girls don’t run the world, colour gradients do! As someone who dabbled in using gradients in my design work back in university, I’m glad to see there is a resurgence and I have an excuse to use them in my career today. In order to inspire others I’ve put a gallery together of my most favourite gradients.