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Stereokid is Greg Neal, Kenta Akoi, Danny Dylan and Roger Lambert with Jeff Milutinovic. A blend of alt-rock, funk rhythms and hooks with hip-hop infused lyrics. With the support of their adoring fans, the band was able to commemorate the 10 year anniversary release of their debut album Mission for Love.

The show was a massive success! The Horseshoe Tavern was packed for these Oakville natives. The energy throughout the show was joyous, like a throwback to the good ol’ days, but wise enough to recognize that the best moments are in the present. It combined the sweet feelings of nostalgia with a present-awareness of immense gratitude. The show served as a reminder of how much fun one can have on a night out.

Stereokid Videos

Greg had the entire crowd participating.

During their Tribe Called Quest cover, they got everyone to kneel down and then jump at the same time.



At the end of the show, Stereokid was called back out for an encore and they played their Daft Punk medley.


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