Rock Star Real Estate – 52 Weekly Reports Campaign

The Problem: Even after the multi-step sales funnel that was used to turn leads into new members, some people were still not signing up to the membership. Rather than have those prospects disappear without hearing from the client again, another follow up sequence was needed to continue to push sales and ultimately turn prospects into new Rock Star Inner Circle members.

The Solution: The client conveniently had a whole pile of valuable, high quality content and information, from previous years of work in the form of 52 reports detailing all the client’s knowledge about real estate investing. It was a perfect opportunity to take those 52 reports and package them into a subscription-based digital product, where a single report could be delivered to a subscriber once a week for a full year.

All 52 reports were proofread and updated, which also included a cover page design for each report. Emails sequences were written, landing pages and order pages were created, and a new automated 52 week long campaign sequence was implemented, generating more sales by providing another income stream for the client’s business.