Rock Star Real Estate – Audio Seminar Campaign

The Problem: The client’s business is located in Oakville, ON and typically prospects had to travel to the office in order to sign up for membership. For those that lived in the furthest corners of the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Areas that were unable to make a trip to Oakville, a system was needed to allow them to register as new members completely online. As well, leads who showed interested in the first step of the marketing funnel but then didn’t engage with the client’s follow up communications, needed a brand new offer to continue moving them along the funnel.

The Solution: A campaign was created that would automatically kick off if a prospect remained inactive for 5 months. This campaign offered a free real estate tax advantages infographic in exchange for registration to an Audio Seminar that would cover the same material from the 90-min. Free Real Estate Investment Training Class. After the seminar an email follow-up sequence was enabled to allow those who took part in the seminar to download a .mp3 of the recording and allow membership enrollment through an online order form. The campaign successfully increased membership enrollment in a segment of the client’s audience who were otherwise not engaging with their previous marketing communications.